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Nov 20, 2017

One thing we are commonly asked at King Street Natural Health Centre is “What is that crack noise we hear from an adjustment/ manipulation?”

That cracking noise has a fancier name known as a cavitation and occurs due to the formation of a vapour or gas bubble within the joint after the rapid separation of two surfaces. To make this more interesting this theory was recently shown on a MRI scan. What this information does tell us is that the cracking noise does occur at the joint, within a finite degree of movement. 
A “crack” without pain from a short sharp movement may surprise you, but it is likely nothing to worry about. It is very unlikely to be a fracture or dislocation of a joint, rather simply a bubble forming.

So now we know what causes the cavitation but “what are the benefits of chiropractic adjustments or joint manipulations?”

Chiropractic adjustments/ joint manipulations may assist in lowering pain, improving joint range of motion and decrease associated muscle spasm. Research at this stage cannot explain exact mechanisms of how this is achieved, but it is proposed that the velocity used to achieve a manipulation or adjustment may uniquely affect joint and muscle receptors. This may create reflexive change to the joint and surrounding structures, resulting in increased range of motion and decreased muscle spasm, which may assist in the treatment of a variety of biomechanical disorders.

If you have any questions about cavitation’s, or if your spine and joints have been sore, stiff or noisy lately, come see the team at King Street Natural Health Centre.