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Oct 9, 2017

Being More Comfy at Work: Many people with desk jobs suffer from headaches, neck and low back pain and flexibility issues, especially those that take their work seriously and pull long hours. Sitting in one spot for 4 hours or more, combined with the inherent stress of mentally demanding, high pressure tasks, are a bad situation for causing or worsening these pains. Most people simply suck it up as long as they can, manage it with massage or pain medications, or aim for regular exercise. While these things all help, none of them will completely undo the damage of being in this bad situation 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.



The most effective things desk workers can do to make work more comfortable and themselves better workers are changing things at work. Taking time to improve postures and increase movement habitually in the work day has been shown to reduce stress and decrease overall likelihood of sustaining chronic injury. Especially movement-related habits, such as getting up and standing and /or walking for a couple minutes every hour (getting a drink of water, handing items to colleagues wherever possible etc) has been shown to improve mental performance while also reducing likelihood of pain.

The other very important thing is making your workspace your own. Set up your chair to be the right height for your desk, with the right lumbar support recline to prevent your torso leaning too far forward or back. Ensure your monitor has the right zoom, with the right brightness (of the screen and surrounding area) to reduce eyestrain and screen glare. Position the monitor and keyboard so that you don’t have to twist, bend or arch your neck, and so as your elbows and forearms are relaxed in an open position. Your overall desk should have enough space to reduce hunching over your equipment, and your feet should comfortably rest flat on the ground. Finally if you use a laptop, use a separate keyboard whenever possible. Watch this space as I will put some videos up with more tips to feel more comfortable at your desk. If you have some of the pains described above, give us a call at King Street Natural Health (02 46208630)and come see Kyle